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"Each guest is treated like family and the primary focus of the staff is to provide each guest with exactly what they want and more."

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"Our recipes are handed down from generation to generation and use the freshest of ingredients." Download Our Menu! (Click Here)

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After much deliberation Linda Hebert, Diane Hebert Phares, and Diane's husband, Jack decided to sell their family restaurant. The family successfully operated Dupuy's Restaurant, and then transitioned to SHUCKS! for a total of 32 years. Their hard work and dedication finally paid off. A much needed and well deserved rest was finally going to be enjoyed. However the family would not have sold to just anyone. The family's concern for their long term employees and their faithful customers was of utmost importance in cosing the deal.

In walk Bert Istre, and David Bertrand, both Abbeville natives and long time restaurant owners. Neither one of the gentlemen was interested in changing the tried and true recipes. Bert and David also knew a large part of their success was holding on to the loyal employees that had served so well for so many years. A handshake aggreement was made and no menu items were changed and every employee stayed during the transition and throughout the entire first year of new ownership. To date, all key employees have remained and play important roles in the growth of the SHUCKS! concept.

Bert Istre - Co-Owner Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Bert Istre is a 1993 graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Bert paid his way through college by joining the Army National Guard. His battalion was activated during Dessert Storm and bert served during that conflict. This experience played a large part of the disciplined method Bert approaches business. As owner/operator of Golden Corral Restaurant in Abbeville from 1993 to 2007, Bert proved he has what it takes to run a successful restaurant.

Bert's decision to sell Golden Corral and enter into a partnership for SHUCKS Reastaurant was not an easy one. However the chance to control his own destiny with the potential of the SHUCKS! brand, gave Bert the motivation to make the move.

David Bertrand - Co-Owner Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

David Bertrand is a 1986 graduate of University of St. Joseph Seminary College in Convington, LA. with a B.A. in Psycology. This followed three years of study at McNeese State University in Business Management. David worked his way throgh college in the restaurant business. David was surronded by incredible cooks his entire life. Few kitchens could compare to what he ate daily with food prepared by his mom, Mary and his dad C.J.

and thier friends Laures and Beverly Lachaussee. The restaurant business is a natural for David and indeed is his passion. While listening to the description of the daily specials or menu highlights one can detect that food and beverage are much more than merely his work, it's his joy. After opening, and eventually selling two restaurants David saw the value of the SHUCKS! concept and wasted no time in acquiring the restaurant.

Bert and Dave along with their multi-talented staff are ready to take this concept to areas outside of Abbeville and of the state. If you are interested gove them a call and bring authentic Cajun food to your area.

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SHUCKS! in The Boston Globe

Follow the Louisiana culinary trail. - Pan-broiled shrimp, oysters, and veggies are on the lunch menu at Shucks! in Abbeville, La.

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Being from Gueydan, we know what a great seafood resturant is. We love your food. Now we are in Austin, TX and there is just not a resturant that has great seafood. You guys need to open one here, you would make lot's of HAPPY FRIENDS!!! So hungry for some SHUCKS!!!!!

-Chip Benefield, Gueydan Louisiana Resident

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