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Heart & Soul

"Meet the Heart and Souls of SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! The 10 Year + Club! - The Amazing Staff of Authentic Cajun Cuisine - Truly SHUCKS!"

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"Our recipes are handed down from generation to generation and use the freshest of ingredients." Download Our Menu! (Click Here)

The 10 Year + Club The heart behind Cajun Cuisine!

Miss Dorothy "DOT" Levine Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Dorothy "DOT" Levine: Miss Dot can be found six nights a week in the kitchen as the "commander-in-chief" It is indeed a pleasure to watch this seasoned veteran put out the wonderful food people stand in line to eat. Miss DOT has served for 30 + years and she is the fire behind the hundreds of plates served each evening. Watching Miss Dot work those fry baskets is like watching a great piano player tickle the ivories. It is amazing that Miss Dot does all this six days a

week, but even more amazing is that she does it with such pride and joy. Thanks, Miss Dot, our kitchen would not be the same without you.

Miss Sonnia "PUPPY" Perry Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Sonnia "PUPPY" Perry: Sonnia's 30+ years of service is truly a story of loyalty, hard-work, and drive. Sonnia can do anything. She is comfortable in the kitchen, at the register, with customers on the floor or in the office handling the books. Sonnia's responsibilities are too numerous to list. When a critical eye is needed, we all turn to Sonnia. Her honesty and understanding of the hospitality industry is priceless. She is a fine restauranteur. That is

why Sonnia was an easy choice for the General Manager's position, which she accepted in August of 2007. Thankyou Sonnia, it is a pleasure to work along side of you.

Tracie Winters of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Tracie Winters: "Steady as a rock" is the best way to decribe this veteran of 30+ years. Tracie's responsibilities are many and her sharp mind keep lunchtime running smoothly. Never flustered by the rush of a busy lunch Tracie gives 100% day in and day out. Tracie is a pro at any position on the line of our kitchen. A woman of few words, Tracie is valued as a co-worker

more than words can describe. Thanks Tracie, we hope for many more years of working together.

Sylvia "Rene" Hunt Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Sylvia "Rene" Hunt: For 30 + years, Rene has been the familiar face greeting our guest and providing for their every need. Rene's good business sense and attention to detail made her our choice as assistant manager and wait staff supervisor, which she accepted in August of 2007. Although Renee's managerial responsibilities are many, she may very well be your

waitperson while dining with us. Rene's gift of hospitality is obvious as she continues to serve after all these years. Thanks Rene, your love of SHUCKS! and dedication is admired by all.

Carla Durke Richard Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Carla Durke Richard: The essence of loyalty and dependability Carla has been a member of the wait staff for 20+ years. Carla's genuine desire to be of service is obvious each time she hits the floor. As a small business owner herself (her other job) Carla understands the importance of consistant food and good service. Thanks Carla, it's a pleasure to work along side of someone

who understands business as you do.

Allison "Ally" Duhon Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Allison "Ally" Duhon: This 10+ year veteran of the kitchen is a natural when it comes to creating or catching on to new dishes. You can find Ally on the grill six days a week, but her work doesn't stop there. The delicious oyster stew, crab cakes, and sauces are also her responsibility. If it needs to get done, you can count on Ally to get it done. Ally has endless potential, and we at

SHUCKS! hope to work along with her until she realizes all of it! Thanks, Ally.

Elnora "Miss El" Jackson Of SHUCKS! The Louisiana Restaurant - Abbeville, LA

Elnora "Miss El" Jackson: If it is cloudy outside, you can count on Miss El to be your sunshine. Her beautiful smile, and great sense of humor can lighten up any situation. Miss El has been a steady and always willing member of the kitchen staff for 10+ years. No job is beyond Miss El and her willingness to take on new responsibilities such as our wonderful pasta sauce makes her

extremely valuable to our operation. Thanks miss El, We hope you grace us with your presence for years to come.

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Follow the Louisiana culinary trail. - Pan-broiled shrimp, oysters, and veggies are on the lunch menu at Shucks! in Abbeville, La.

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I LOVE the food at Shucks!!! The grilled seafood salad....yum!!!

-Jennifer McDaniel Courville, Mire, Louisiana Resident

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